Dr. Jersak can provide clients with various types of consulting support (including related deliverables) on sediment projects at different stages of development and maturity - from initial characterization/assessment to remedy design/implementation and post-remedy monitoring.

This includes support and assistance within the following specific areas:

  • Consultation on overall project strategy.
  • Project planning and scoping, including establishing project goals.
  • Developing and implementing work plans, e.g. sampling and analysis plans.
  • Critical data review, assessment and reporting.
  • Site and sediment characterization to support remedy selection, including designing and/or assisting in assessments of:
    • Contaminant source(s), both land- and water-based.
    • Sediment characteristics, chemical and physical.
    • Bathymetry.
    • Groundwater influences.
    • Erosional versus depositional regimes.
  • Designing/managing different types of laboratory studies (bench-top, mesocosm, column scales).
  • Feasibility studies to develop, evaluate and compare candidate remedial alternatives
    (in-situ and ex-situ).
  • Designing/managing pilot-scale projects to evaluate site-specific performance and costs of selected candidate remedies.
  • Designing/implementing full-scale capping (including treatment) remedies, key elements including:
    • Selecting the remedial strategy, e.g. isolation vs thin-layer capping (in-situ treatment).
    • Screening and selection of conventional and/or innovative materials for capping or treatment.
    • Cap or treatment design.
    • Quality control during manufacture and/or handling of capping/treatment materials or products.
    • Screening and selection of equipment/techniques for material placement.
    • Field management and oversight/documentation of remedy implementation.
    • Designing/implementing construction and post-remedy performance monitoring programs.
    • Monitoring program results - critical data review, assessment and reporting.


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